Can I bring my dog Otis (he’s really nice, we promise!)?
As much as we’d like to spoil Otis with treats and belly rubs, due to liability issues as well as for the safety of patrons and kids, we ask that Otis stay at home. Do not leave your dog in your vehicle; it is dangerous for your pet.

We heard this was an all ages and family event! What about those early bird campers and kids tickets?
We have a separate camping available on our ticket page for those looking for quiet early on. Kids 12 and under are FREE to attend. WORD!

It might be hot, is there water and shade available?
There is limited public water services, so please be sure to either bring your own or prepare to buy some there. We’ll also have pop up tents , the fire department for dousing, and a nice shady hammock zone by our friends at Grand Trunk!

I hate driving… Can I ride my bike there?
YES! We have a bike train coordinated. Check out our map and meeting place on the Location tab

Can I bring my own beer/alcohol?
Due to Oregon State liquor laws, no outside beer or alcohol is allowed on the premises. However, we’re proud to be serving some fine Ninkasi beer!

If it gets cold can I start a fire?
Fires are not allowed due to high fire warnings around that time. However, there will be a community fire built by us :)

Whats the food situation like?
We’ll have a couple of really great food vendors, there all day and then in the morning, or you can brown bag it/Coleman stove. Choice is yours!

Can I leave the festival grounds and re-enter?
YES! However you’ll go through the hassle of being searched again, and most likely have to walk farther.

How do sign up to volunteer at the festival? I hear there are sweet PDXFF shirts involved…
Volunteer, get free admission and camping, simple as that! Volunteer shifts vary, but average about 4 hours of total time. Go to our volunteer page and register what times you can help!

How long is the festival EXACTLY?
Check out our schedule page, and let us know if you have any questions!

Can I camp in a tent or trailer?
Yes! Please visit our camping page for more information.

Anything else we missed? Let us know!

Contact jacob@pdxfarmfiesta.com